At L’Ecole Française, you can expect to receive personal attention, while enjoying a comfortable and personalized learning experience in a convivial French setting.

In order to build the perfect program for you, L’Ecole Française evaluates your language level, along with your personal learning style, goals, and optimum schedule.

Whether you wish to learn the language alone or with your small group of up to 6 participants, the interactive teaching method of L’Ecole Française will help you build a strong foundation and the confidence to speak with ease in real life situations.



We consult with you to design a program that builds upon your previous knowledge and provides a path for you to attain the desired level of fluency. We will maximize the enjoyment and efficiency of your learning experience through role play.

Typical beginner and intermediate curricula focus on mastering practical everyday situations.  These scenarios include:

  • Expressing greetings
  • Introducing oneself and others
  • Giving or asking for time, directions
  • Asking and answering about the opening and closure of stores, monuments, museums, and other places of interest
  • Making hotel, restaurant, and other reservations
  • Inquiring about price, distance, size, and other quantities
  • Ordering food and drinks
  • Buying, renting, returning various items and dealing with other everyday transactions



When you have progressed to a certain level of fluency and proficiency, we will work with you to define theme-based activities to suit your interests, and will build an advanced curriculum exclusively for you around those topics.  Examples of themes we have used in the past are as follows:

  • Culture and Tradition
  • Etiquette
  • Food and Wine
  • Literature
  • Art History
  • Composition and Writing
  • French and European History

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