CATHERINE LE PREUX – Founder and Director of L’Ecole Française Inc

Originally from the South of France, Catherine Le Preux moved to the United States in 1983 where she founded L’Ecole Française, a French and English language school in Seattle, WA. Due to the excellence of her teaching services, her business evolved over the years into a more customized private language instruction studio and a boutique consultancy tailored around the specific personal and business needs of her clientele.

The travel needs of her clients led Catherine to expand the services offered by L'Ecole Française. In 1989, she introduced preplanned or customized stays in France, focusing on one region at a time, ensuring a rich native-like French experience.

During her theme-based trips, Catherine shares her personal interests and favorite activities: hiking, cycling or driving through beautiful natural landscapes; visiting extraordinary private gardens and art studios; perusing outdoor markets, which offer regional culinary specialties, local cheeses, wines, antiques, local arts and crafts.  

With her warm and engaging personality, Catherine has established strong friendships with the many talented French artisans whom she has met over the years. As she travels with her clients in small groups of eight or fewer participants, she shares her personal connections as an integral part of a unique and memorable experience.

Catherine speaks English and French fluently.

In addition to extensive training in oil painting, fine art, French cooking, and European etiquette, Catherine holds a baccalaureate in philosophy, French literature, and languages, plus a Diploma in Operations Management and a Masters’ degree in education leadership.